Riding Alone on an Elevator

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Any time you are visiting an office building or a place of work, there are often elevators to help you with getting to your final destination. Whether you are not fond of elevators or if you have anxiety when it comes to taking them, knowing how to ride alone in an elevator can help to put your mind at ease regardless of how many floors you are traveling through.

Riding alone on an elevator is a great way (more…)

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Meeting People in Elevators, The Pros and Cons

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Meeting People in Elevators, The Pros and Cons

Is It Weird To Say Hello?
As with many social interactions, there is an upside and a downside. Making friends in an elevator is a very awkward social interaction. In fact, many people make small talk or social comments just to combat the awkwardness. This is particularly true if there are only two people in the elevator at any given time. The main question is (more…)

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What To Do on An Elevator Ride

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Most elevator rides are short and uneventful. On these short rides, it is important to follow proper elevator etiquette. You should always face the doors of the car and, if you are standing near the buttons, press the button for passengers who enter the elevator after you. If the elevator is crowded, give the person next to you as much space as possible. There will be times that your elevator will open for passengers but there isn’t much room left for them. (more…)

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Elevator Music Over the Years, Then and Now

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Typically, the first thought that comes to mind when someone thinks of elevator music is the dreary sounds that forces most people to prefer the stairs. However, the face of elevator music has changed over the years.

Elevator music came into existence in 1922 and played the slow, easy listening tunes most people still associate with a trip in the elevator. The intention of this slow music was to relax passengers who were fearful of the ride. The calm, relaxing style most (more…)

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Elevator Versus Stairs, Arriving at Your destination Quicker

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The elevator is one of the most profound technological innovations of all time. It has transformed the way we live and the way we work. It has enabled cities to thrive and flourish. It is indeed one of the greatest modern conveniences of the past century, as you can get up and down, in and out of buildings more quickly. You don’t have to exert yourself. You don’t have to waste precious time in transit. You just (more…)

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Stepping into Your Elevator Phobia and Defeating It

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Having a phobia of elevators can severely affect your life. Taking the stairs may not always be an option, especially when you are in a high-rise building. You can get over a phobia by following a few simple steps.

The first thing you must do is admit to yourself that fears and phobias are normal. Millions of adults in the United States deal with some type of phobia daily. Knowing that you are not alone should make your (more…)

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Knowing You are Safe in an Elevator

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When you’re going on a new elevator for the first time, it can be a little bit scary. How do you make sure that the elevator is safe and isn’t going to suddenly plunge to the ground? How can you make sure that you are physically safe while in the elevator?

Look At The Elevator’s Conditions

Look at the conditions of the elevator. Is the outside of the elevator in good repair? What about the inside of the (more…)

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Weight Limits on Elevators What You Should Know

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Riding an elevator is something most of us do everyday. We get on an elevator without thinking about how it works. It is a convenient way to get to other floors in a building. These tiny rooms move from floor to floor with a mechanical gear system at the top of the building. Ropes and counterweights assist in moving the elevator up and down. The mechanical equipment in each elevator is different, and weight limits must be followed. The room size of (more…)

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